Simple steps for Fintech startups

15 June 2021
We don’t give away many secrets, but here’s how we did it. Here’s some simple steps that we would recommend for those starting out in the sector 🤫
Simple steps for Fintech startups

👉🏼 Yes, it is difficult to secure banking relationships for Fintech these days, but it’s not impossible! the market has already created a fair mechanism allowing Fintech startups to enter the space, learn and improve as they go. 
👉🏼 Rewind three years when started under the Currencycloud umbrella, this was the point where we acquired invaluable experience in handling client operations and compliance. Today, Currencycloud has 85 different APIs across four modules – collect, convert, pay, and manage – that cover the entire workflow in B2B cross-border payments.
👉🏼 It took us one year to get a safeguarding account with ClearBank® because by this point we were able to demonstrate live clients, proved a sound business model and a clear understanding of what we do. 
👉🏼 Now there is Railsbank out there that runs a fantastic program allowing startups to kick off their operations, as well as a few banks in Eastern Europe that will accept Fintech start-ups too; this is the way to do it now. 

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