3 February 2021

How should a CFO approach their team?

Exactly the way Andrei Dikouchine does – with a well-written note and a pinch of British humour. As transparency is one of our key cultural values, we have decided to show a glimpse into 3S Money’s interplay and share the full letter with the public:
A letter from CFO

January, which we just closed, was a stellar month achieving another all-time high monthly revenue

Makes us all personally and the company overall look good, but at the cost of very hard work. No free lunch as one would expect. The management special thank you goes out to all teams from sales & marketing to customer support & compliance to settlements and to last, but not the least, our IT. As far as I am concerned, it’s a shared success of all involved. Well done, crew!

Global expansion and new business banking opportunities

As you are aware, Ivan is in Dubai right now drumming up some exciting new opportunities. The initial feedback is extremely encouraging. We continually look for access to new markets – there are other places we want to be. Very exciting and potentially transformational if during 2021 we add two or more locations to our existing constellation of four. How does it feel to work for a global business?

Technology wise we recently went through several major deployments into production. May be not visible from some individual stations but our systems become better and stronger every month from more automation in the back-end to more tools aiding customer facing side. And we need more technology to maintain growth. I am amazed and grateful that Eugene’s team keeps up the pace and has us all digitally suited and booted. Watch this space…   

The team keeps growing

You all have seen recent appointments. I am personally pleased how well new joiners managed to integrate into the team. Please continue to provide your support. This is one of the core values of the company. We probably have a couple of more roles to feel. One very promising offer is in progress as I type this. On this note allow me to repeat that the founders’ fundamental believe is that people are everything for success. The times are not great to say the least. So please reach out if any issues or worries. I am thinking of 3SM as some voyager ship – it could be rough seas, but the vessel is sound and well provisioned. Hope you feel the same way.

That’s probably all for now. I am thinking we should have another round of zoom drinks to weather out an evident pandemic of incompetence ravaging through governments across the world. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for that. Stay safe.

With Kind Regards,
Andrei Dikouchine

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