8 December 2023

International Women's Day: Celebrating female leadership at 3S Money

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to bring all the women in the business together. We reached out to every woman across the business and asked them a simple question: what is something you wish you’d known when you’d started your career?
International Women's Day 2022
We’re proud that 56% of our team are women, as well as 4 out of 5 of our Key Heads of Departments. For this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to bring all the women in the business together.
We reached out to every woman across the business and asked them a simple question: what is something you wish you’d known when you’d started your career? 
During such a difficult time, the women in leadership roles here at 3S Money have shown incredible strength, empathy and crisis management skills. We’re equally proud and excited to share their advice:

“Don’t be scared to be the loudest, proudest and most confident version of yourself. It’s contagious.”
Alya Dikouchine, People & Culture Lead
“Don't be afraid to be open to new possibilities.”
Anna Antonova, Compliance Officer
“The best question you can ask in an interview is ‘what’s your biggest problem right now and how can I help you solve it?’. And once you get the job? Keep asking it.”
Bianca Bass, Head of Marketing & Investor Relations
“Make yourself indispensable. Always ask your boss if there’s something you can help with or take work off overloaded team-mates. It keeps work interesting because you get things handed to you that you might not have otherwise, and it makes for the best working relationships because people know you’re there for them and you’ve got their back. And...! if you want bigger things, you will find they easily come your way when you foster this kind of reputation for yourself.”
Emma Brindley, Global Head of Financial Crime & Compliance 
“Always remember to put yourself out there and be open to new opportunities to be constantly expanding your skillset.”
Eva Obersneider, Senior Sales
“Be confident and listen to your gut, the body and mind will never ever let you down. Therefore, if you are stuck in some situations in life, listen to your inner voice, and do what it tells you. Even if logically it makes no sense, you will be surprised how fruitful is that. And do not be afraid, women are really courageous and brave human beings!"
Inita Darzina, Executive Assistant
“Wake up early. Take care of your physical and mental health. Stay positive. Know your strengths and build on them. Always take responsibility, instead of blaming. Create your own methodology and have an organised approach for processing issues.”
Jana Belugina, Head of Growth
“Never be afraid of showing that you don’t know something, or don’t understand something. Ask questions and do your best to remember the answers. Not even remember, but absorb every detail, all the information experienced people are sharing with you. Even if something of the knowledge acquired seems useless, it may end up being very helpful one day.”
Karina Strukova, Compliance Officer 
“You spend the majority of your time at work, so make sure you enjoy what you do day to day and that you are always learning in your role. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, explore a new way to change things up, whether this means asking for help from someone else or picking up a new skillset. Your happiness is the most important thing so don’t settle for less!”
Kim Banin-Reid, Marketing Assistant
“If you are trusted to work on a project that requires more professional skills and experience than you have at the moment, take the opportunity to participate, you never know, it might be the easiest task in your career! Appreciate the team and the employer who are happy with your professional growth! If the job is exciting, your career will catch up!”
Kristina Sirina, Senior IT Automations Manager
“Say yes more! You can always say no afterwards if it does not feel right.”
Marta Cerina, Junior Data Analyst
“Having a proactive approach in your professional development is key... find a mentor with expertise in the field in which you would like to pursue a career so you can get a real-life insight into the job scope, challenges, and potential paths for career progression. This will not only allow you to assess whether the career path is right for you, but it will also equip you with the information you need to find relevant resources and training courses to boost your knowledge and upskill.
A good mentor and leader will seize the opportunity to influence the professional development of a peer and will undoubtedly have some invaluable insight, experience and advice to share!”
Nabilah Hussain, Head of Financial Crime
“Be strong, believe in yourself, listen to your gut, and never give up!”
Natalja Perhova, Trade Finance Director
“Things that seem to be very hard and complicated to be accomplished today will be a part of your easy daily routine tomorrow. Don’t be ashamed to look around and learn from your colleagues and the easy routine day will come sooner. And just get things done and you will succeed!”
Olga Jurina, Senior Compliance Officer
“Building and maintaining great relationships (at work/in life in general) is so important. For example, building a relationship with a different team at work where you might be interested in joining means when opportunities arise, they'll think of you! So don't be afraid to put yourself out there and say what you want!”
Samya Riahi, Financial Crime Officer
“When climbing to your own career Everest, always prioritise your rest and be kind to yourself.”
Yana Rozenberg, Senior Data Analyst 

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