1 March 2021

How we've redesigned our pricing page for transparency

What do the London Underground, mobile networks and clearer FinTech pricing have in common? Spoiler alert: they all played a part in our new pricing page.
How we've redesigned our pricing page for transparency
Transparent pricing. It’s something we hear a lot of companies boast about, but in reality isn’t really the case. Just think about the last time you were faced with an unexpected cost. Was it because it was hidden away in the small print? Probably. It might have also been because the way it was explained was just too complicated. How are we supposed to understand the ins and outs of how we’ll be charged without actually experiencing the service?
At 3S Money, we wanted to do things differently.
Admittedly, pricing structures for international payments and business banking can be quite complex, and ours is no different. Before we took on the new pricing project, our clients were sent a PDF that listed all the numbers, along with 5 asterisks. It was so complicated that even our internal teams were interpreting in different ways.

It was really important to us that this same level of care and consideration was applied to every part of the experience.

Being human, honest and welcoming is at the core of the 3S Money service. We know what’s important to our customers, and what they’ve experienced coming from other payment providers.

Our customers tell us how much they value having our client managers by their side, understanding their business, and using common sense, not algorithms, to make decisions. It was really important to us that this same level of care and consideration was applied to every part of the experience - even before someone ever opens an account.

So, how did we go about applying these principles to our pricing page? Firstly, we embraced all the information that was originally at the bottom of the page, and it became part of the pricing structure. Second, we took inspiration from outside banking and fintech. Something that makes sense to everyone.

One of the more difficult elements of our offering to communicate is the transfer prices to and from different parts of the world. We have one of the widest coverages of currencies and countries, and that means we need to charge fees for some transactions, while others are free. When we started to think about where else this concept of different prices for different destinations exists, two main examples came to mind; the London Underground, and international mobile roaming.

Both of these examples make use of zones, which cover multiple locations, and all locations within the same zone have the same costs applied. This was something we could easily apply, and was when the three 3S Money zones were created. Zone 1 covers most of the EU and the UK, Zone 3 covers the countries which incur 1% fees, and Zone 2 covers everywhere else. There are also a few countries that aren’t covered. All of this information is presented in a colour coded map of the world instead of a difficult to read list. 

We also made sure that we listed some of the great benefits a customer gets as part of their 3S Money account next to the monthly account fee. We’re confident in the value of our service, and we don’t take for granted that there are cheaper alternatives on the market. Of course, a full list of our prices is available and clearly linked, but we wanted to present a summary that really helped users set their expectations.  

Our new pricing page is now live. Take a look and let us know what you think. We can't wait to share more of our work in our mission to create a more human, honest and welcoming service for businesses around the world.

Antony Meade is Lead Designer at 3S Money. Previous brands he's worked with include Vodafone, Microsoft, IHG, the UK Government and Yotel. 

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