19 04 2022

How to support your co-workers during Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world will be celebrating and often fasting. It can sometimes be hard for non-Muslims to grasp how this can affect work, so we wanted to highlight a few points on how you can support your colleagues who are fasting this month.
How to support your co-workers during Ramadan

What and when is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy month of celebration where Muslims worldwide fast, pray and reflect. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and this year began on Saturday 2nd April until Sunday 1st May. Each year, the dates differ depending on sightings of the moon.

The month of Ramadan is considered a time to reflect and reconnect with Islam. Your personal routines are set aside to cleanse and immerse yourself into spirituality. 

This is a time for reflection on everyday privileges, and Muslims who fast will take the time to think of those less fortunate who do not have access to food and water throughout the year. It is also a time of charity and community, and Muslims often donate food or money to charities.


How can this impact work?

Fasting, along with prayer times, can have an effect in the workplace and it’s important that managers and leaders are considering flexible options to ensure the well-being of those celebrating.

Muslims may be fasting for between 14-17 hours per day so, it goes without saying, that this can absolutely affect energy levels throughout the day. Here are some areas where you and your business can offer support:

  • Be conscious of when you book in meetings – if someone is fasting they may prefer to keep meetings to the mornings, or later in the day so it’s worth asking first

  • Avoid drinking and eating in front of your Muslim colleagues who are fasting out of respect

  • Avoid contacting colleagues during Iftar as this is a time of prayer and family

  • Try to create a space that Muslims who take part in regular prayer can use at work

  • If you are office-based, consider offering working from home as an alternative, or flexible working hours and lunches

  • Be mindful of accidentally offering Muslims food or drink


A final note from us: be open and communicate! As long as you are asking questions respectfully, it is always a good idea to learn how you can help and offer support. From all of us at 3S Money, Happy Kareem to all celebrating.

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