25 February 2020

Fundraise and shine: 3S Money announces start of private funding round

In the middle of Q2, we finally made the decision to start a fundraising campaign. Ivan proclaimed, “In the past years we’ve achieved enormous success and now, entering a time of growth, we’re fully ready for it!” The team is in support of this idea. With a fantastic product that has demonstrated exceptional growth, the only wise thing to do is to move forward and scale it.
Fundraise and shine

Initially, it’s been decided to run a private placement of stock for pre-selected investors and funds; it’s crucial for us to be selective in terms of investors as it’s not just about the money, it’s about the lifelong partners who will contribute to our growth. Thus, we’ve started negotiating with several VC funds, private investors and our clients’ closed network. With the help of a GlobaCap syndicate, we’ve published detailed information about our business focus and planned activities, so that the first-round participants can access the investment presentation and subscribe for shares with just one click.

Some insights from the presentation can be found below:

What's all the fuss is about?

Our main target is to improve B2B banking services for private international merchants who have £25m to £50m in their annual turnover. This core market yields high average annual revenue per customer but is commonly under-served by both high-street banks (which focus on larger corporates) and new challenger digital banks (which chase growth via a retail focus). Our platform helps cross-border merchants to streamline their treasury function, enabling them to single-source their cross-border payment solutions, rather than engaging in multiple banking relationships.

In short, after funding round is done, we will upgrade our core product by focusing on the following steps:

  • To scale our footprint strategy following our customers’ trading flows alongside Europe to/from the East and South-East global trade corridor, we’ll increase our presence on this route.
  • We will push for more automation by adding more banking and FX partners, and create a new super-friendly compliance journey.
  • Last but not least: as a post-Brexit arrangement we will be applying for its second license on the continent.

Our team is eager to start this upgrade and we’re absolutely positive we can do this. On this optimistic note, let the fundraising begin!

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