12 February 2020

The tale of how 3S Money became best-kept secret of Barclays' Rise

Oh time, how it flies! It seems like only yesterday we were arranging a meeting with our very first client, and already weʼre being interviewed about the secrets of our success. A proud member of Barclays' Rise, 3S Money, is sharing a secret about how we are creating the future of the business banking world
Best-kept secret of Barclays' Rise

The ‘key to success’ sounds like something powerful and closely guarded, but we’re not afraid to share our knowledge openly with you, explaining how we expand our business and its assets tirelessly, day by day. In the banking world, where there are still issues such as a lack of support in cross-border activities, 3S Money is diving headfirst into the future by marrying the best tech solutions with an intelligent human approach. In this way, we’re able to implement our solutions when other banks reach a dead-end.

“How is it possible?” – Manisha Patel from The Financial Times asked us. We replied, “It’s as easy as it gets; you’ve got to keep learning every day if you’re going to achieve the impossible.”

A question-and-answer session followed, during which we talked about whether it’s expensive to start up a bank, what made us do it and what do we find most challenging about achieving our goals. The conversation was gripping, and we confessed it all! As a result, the interview comes across as dynamic, explicit and clear. We’re excited to share it with a wider audience and we’re looking forward to arranging more of these interviews in the future. Manisha, thanks for having us again; it was tremendous!

To read the full interview, click here.

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