15 September 2020

3S Money & Banking Circle join forces to offer local EU business IBANs

3S Money has started to offer its clients local business IBANs in Luxembourg, Germany and Denmark. This has become possible now that we’ve completed our integration with Banking Circle, a fully licensed bank and a next-generation provider of financial services infrastructure.
3S Money partners with Banking Circle to roll out local bank accounts in three more countries

“Our partnership with Banking Circle contributes greatly to our infrastructure of local in-country accounts, which helps global businesses to roll out their activity in foreign countries and reach their customers in new markets more quickly. A big round of applause to everyone who’s been involved in the process and made this happen,”

– commented Ivan Zhiznevskiy, CEO and founder of 3S Money.

Banking Circle, a Luxembourg bank, has been seamlessly integrated with our banking platform. 3S Money maintains connectivity with seven financial partners worldwide and issues local accounts in six countries. We call this ‘multi-rail’. This concept enables us to access local payment rails in Europe and Asia, to get business payments delivered in seconds in real time, and to collect from anywhere in the world on a single platform.

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