16 March 2021

Conquering COVID: What we achieved during one year in lockdown

The UK first went into lockdown on March 16th 2020 – one year on and 3S Money has grown 4.6x times in revenue and expanded the team with 22 new members during that time period, even in spite of the restrictions. Let’s take a look now at the main milestones that we have achieved throughout the year:

–    Reopened our funding campaign and increased the total raised amount to £1.5 million – thank you Rise, created by Barclays and Globacap for your administrative support and TMT Investments and Betastage Capital for the financial support – we will not fail the faith you have shown
–    Added 9 new Asian currencies and started offering real-time settlement for China, India, Singapore, Vietnam and other markets in the region
–    Joined several leading FinTech associations: thank you EPA EU and Holland Fitnech for having us – it is an honour to be your member
–    Started offering local business IBANs in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Denmark as well as issuing direct USD IBANs under clients’ company names
–    Onboarded more than 20 new team members 100% remotely – big thanks to Workingday, Wiser, Alexandra Chirica and our own People Lead Alya Dikouchine for all the fantastic additions to our star-team 
–    Updated our payment API and integrated with PayPal to extend opportunities for e-commerce and online marketplace trading
–    Negotiated dozens of beneficial partnerships and expanded our introducers’ network 
–    Opened 2 new offices in innovative hubs of international trade: in Luxembourg (LHOFT) and in Dubai (DIFC)
–    Participated in numerous amazing events and got nominated at several well-known payments awards: special thanks goes to MoneyNext Summit and The Cards & Payments
–    Fast-tracked the Smart Compliance journey: developed an online wizard for onboarding new clients
–    Celebrated 3 years since the company was founded and discovered Clubhouse (please follow us there: @fintech.radio 🎧) 

This beautiful list of achievements brings to mind Andrei Dikouchine's words from his initial team update almost a year ago: “Remember, ultimate winners never feel a loss of composure and trust. And crisis? It shall pass.”

Looking back on all the wonderful work and outstanding results that our team have managed to deliver, we can say without hesitation that in this battle against the lockdown, we totally won. Cheers to that! 🥂

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