A real life anecdote: the payment platform that bankers recommend to check out

15 February 2021
A funny story that happened a few days ago during Ivan's business trip to Dubai, involving respectable businessmen from the banking sector and one CEO, who has an effective solution for cross-border B2B
3S Money funny episode with bankers in Dubai

"A super smart and innovative online bank called 3S Money"

One evening Ivan found himself at a party in a fancy restaurant, seated at a table with some respectable businessmen from London in their 50s and 60s – he soon learnt that they worked in banking and property development, and had managed to escape London before Christmas. When they finally noticed his presence, one of them asked Ivan what he does for a living – just as Ivan began telling them about our business (he had barely finished the first sentence), the gentlemen interrupted: “An online bank? Payment platform? Isn’t everyone doing that these days?”

Ivan tried to respond that although a lot of people are in this space, most don’t have an effective solution for cross-border B2B but his conversation partner didn’t want to listen. Instead he continued: “Are you saying it’s for B2B? Isn’t it too late for you then? I’ve heard about a business that are rolling out the same product a lightning speed now – they seem super smart and innovative and a few VCs have invested in them recently – they are called 3S Money, you have to check them out, son!”


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