8 April 2020

3S Money’s funding campaign is successfully completed!

We are proud to announce that 3S Money raised £665,000 (c.$815,000) in equity round through a private capital markets platform Globacap. Funding campaign was led by TMT Investments PLC and 3S Investments Ltd and was well received by private investors and 3S Money own corporate client base.
3S Money’s funding campaign is successfully completed!

Our profound gratitude goes to Rise Barclays for their support throughout the campaign and to all the participants who have invested in the shares of our company. Ivan Zhiznevskiy, CEO and Founder of 3S Money commented:

“Our team of 25 fantastic members across 4 European locations share mutual vision and work hard to provide the best service for each client. The banking world is changing dramatically offering tremendous opportunities for companies that are wired to lead the change. The fact that our clients supported us with their hard earned funds is the best proof that we are on the right track”.

3S Money’s goal is to change the way businesses are banked: we put our clients in full control of the payment process and create client respecting yet diligent and tech rich compliance journey. Our approach helps us grow rapidly and provide high level of quality service to each and all of our corporate clients.

• TMT Investments PLC is a venture capital company that provides investors with liquid exposure to a diversified portfolio of earlier-stage technology start-ups. The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker TMT.  
• 3S Investments Ltd is a private UK-based fintech investment company with a particular focus on regulated assets. 3SIL was an early stage investor in 3S Money.

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