26 February 2021

Clubhouse interview: Building a bank from scratch

The new but already trendy 'Fintech & Payments' channel on Clubhouse arranged a live interview with our CEO and founder Ivan Zhiznevskiy yesterday that turned out as an absolute success. The hosts, James Sherwin-Smith and Sophie Guibaud, tried to understand how we have managed to build a corporate bank from scratch but discovered much more in the end:

On February 25, CEO of Growth Street, James Sherwin-Smith, and a Chief Growth Officer of OpenPayd, Sophie Guibaud, co-hosted an interview session with Ivan Zhiznevskiy on Clubhouse. The agenda was to speak about the follwoing key points:

💰How much money is needed to launch a payment start-up? 
💻 Do you have to build any IT in-house?
💼 How to win corporate customers?
😈 Am I a high risk? 

...But the best thing about this new platform is that anyone is able to join the conversation, ask their questions and participate in the discussion. Here's some honest feedback from 3S Money's Head of Marketing Ksenia Tochilina, where she explains what's so amazing about this Clubhouse app and unveils how the session went:

Yesterday I finally got what’s so unique about that Clubhouse app. Ivan signed up for an interview on the Fintech & Payments channel to talk about “building a bank from scratch”(nothing unusual at this point) and after about 20-30 minutes, the Q&A session started. And that, my fellow-colleagues, was when the magic of the app began. 


I was totally surprised and excited to see Jason Bates joining the event and starting a conversation with Ivan, asking him about AML risks, scaling up business and gaining large companies’ trust. A social media platform where an open dialogue between two FinTech founders can happen that easily without any prior agreement and appointment – that is gold.


Over the next hour or so people from around the world – FinTech enthusiasts, VC investors, marketers – went on with their questions. And I enjoyed every moment of it: it was honest, insightful and turned into a very lively and engaging discussion. 


I’d like to extend a big thank you to the channel moderators and speakers, and to our fantastic CEO for an amazing session – I am sure that we will be actively participating in and hosting more Clubhouse events now. Consider this a promise from myself as 3s.money marketing exec 🤞🏻

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