8 March 2021

International Women’s Day: 3S Money celebrates our fantastic women

As today marks International Women’s Day, we think this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and showcase wonderful the women we have working at 3S Money

You might be aware that there is a problem with regards to female representation: not enough women hold leadership positions across the business world – as a FinTech company that aims to revolutionize the banking world, we seek to address the injustice.

According to the study conducted by Women in Fintech in 2017, only 30% of people working in FinTech were females, and in that year of the companies in the FinTech 50, roughly a measly 5% had female founders. Since that study, the number of women working in FinTech has risen (still perhaps not to the level it needs to) but crucially, the number of women in leadership positions is still very low. According to a 2020 study by Oliver Wyman, only 20% of executive positions in FinTech are held by women.

At 3S Money, we are committed to equality and encourage and support women in our industry. We have a roughly 50/50 split of men and women at our company, and have females in charge of three of our largest departments (Compliance, Client Management and Marketing). We believe that diversity and equal opportunity provide the best working environment and best results, and are what is so valuable in our modern world. Diversity of background and therefore thought/perspective clearly yields more powerful decision-making. 

Furthermore, this attitude of openness and tolerance and giving everyone fair opportunities is what we feel is morally right. 

So that end, here is a brief rundown of the fantastic women we have working here at 3S Money and some not work-related facts about each of them:

Business Management constellation:
  • Jana is not only a women in tech activist and our head of growth UAE, but also a yoga & meditation instructor
  • One of the top 100 World Board Leaders and our NED (Luxembourg S.A.) Audrey is a yoga instructor and a vegan – she is also known as a former semi pro tennis player
  • Phoebe is our new Business Manager, who is busy writing her very first Vietnamese cookbook and is also an interior design lover
Client Relations constellation:
  • Our Sales VP Anastasia is an active part of the community; she is a member of the “Anonymous Child” educational charity and a regular blood donor. Her favourite leisure activities are piloting a glider and traveling across the globe
  • A soul of 3S Money and a queen of gardening, Tetiana, is in charge of Client Relationship Department. She supports eco-lifestyle and does yoga in her free-time
  • Lovely client relationship manager Iris is not a martial arts coach but knows some kickboxing moves to impress people. She also loves to travel and has a huge collection of “vagabond shoes that are longing to stray”
  • Our Client Relationship manager Iryna is also a wonderful local guide – she knows how to spend quality time in the UK and its suburbs and can share a tip or two
Communication constellation:
  • Ksenia, our Head of Marketing, is also a fine painter – she knows how to build a house from scratch
  • Alya, our ever-positive People Lead, is 50% Zumba advocate, 50% gin & tonic lover
Compliance constellation:
  • Olga, a senior compliance officer, is fascinated by people and music, and will always hear a false note
  • Alina, a compliance officer in our Riga office, is our hardy girl: she runs marathons and there isn’t a milestone that she can't conquer
  • Our Ice Queen of Smart Compliance, Alena freezes bad-money accounts in her free time. She also enjoys cross-stitching from time to time
  • Karina, a compliance officer with a passion and talent for languages, speaks French, Italian, Spanish, English, Russian, Latvian and is about to learn more
  • Anna is the most modest AML officer, who devotes her free time to bringing up her children and looking after the family
  • Nabilah is a Financial Crime Manager, baking extraordinaire and avid gardener
IT & Payments constellation:
  • Automation manager Serafima is not only our one and only multitasking IT-girl, but also a big fan of cultural events: especially she enjoys attending theatre plays and museum exhibitions 
  • Jelena is a Settlement Officer with a pinch of active lifestyle guru: she loves ice-skating, dancing, cycling and is always on the move
  • Yana, our sophisticated senior data analyst, enjoys adventurous hiking and knows everything about the human body and brain

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