25 08 2022

3S Money announces two new board members: Bianca Bass & Emma Brindley

We're excited to announce the appointment of Head of Marketing and Investor Relations, Bianca Bass, and Global Head of Financial Crime and Compliance, Emma Brindley, to the 3S Money board.
3S Money announces two new board members: Bianca Bass & Emma Brindley

Financial Services continues to be a male-dominated sector but things are slowly changing for the better. At 3S Money, we're proud to be one of the businesses spearheading the cultural change.

The value and expertise that Bianca and Emma continue to bring to 3S Money is nothing short of immense. Today we're celebrating their success and look forward to building a better future together.

So, meet our brand new Board Members:

Bianca Bass is a recognised senior marketing director, people leader and advisor, who has been featured in Forbes, spoken at Google and London Business School, and held positions at Selfridges, John Lewis, TripAdvisor and a series of high-growth startups. She joined 3S Money in July 2021 to lead our Marketing team and has now grown the team to 8 people (and counting). 

The Marketing team has become one of the business's key sources of revenue through incredible lead generation, and the brand strategy in place continues to make 3S Money a more recognisable and trusted partner to businesses around the world.

Emma Brindley is a CAMs-qualified Financial Crime Compliance subject matter expert with international experience in the public and private sectors across Europe, Asia and Australia. She previously worked for ING and Standard Chartered Bank before joining 3S Money in November 2021.

Our Compliance team continues to be the largest across 3S Money, and we take our dedication to following international financial compliance incredibly seriously. Emma has managed the team since joining, and her expertise and experience has been integral to our business growth.

Only 11% of Fintech board members are women. We're here to change that.

Navigating a male-dominated industry as a senior woman in Fintech can be a challenge, so providing a space with a commitment to female leadership, empowerment and inclusivity is one of 3S Money’s core values. A 2021 study by Findexable found that only 11% of Fintech board members are women, and only 17% of senior Fintech roles are held by women. These are shockingly low percentages, and Fintech is arguably one of the best sectors to truly drive change.

In an industry where women are earning 22% less than men, we’re proud to have recently announced that we have zero gender pay gap. In fact, since founding in 2018, we never have. We have a 1:1 female to male ratio, 72% female heads of departments, and now two new female board members.

Fintech is one of the key industries able to drive economic change, enabling equitable distribution of financial services, and increasing financial inclusion among marginalised groups – many of whom are women. This announcement is part of our commitment to continue to empower our female employees, give them opportunities for promotion and development, and seeing Bianca and Emma move into these roles has been incredible.

Bianca’s expertise in Marketing, and Emma’s in Financial Crime, has already brought significant value to our business strategy and decision-making.

Congratulations, Bianca and Emma. We are so proud and happy for you! 

Join our team and help us to make Fintech a more inclusive world.

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