Use case: Asset manager

A Luxembourg-based asset manager raises private subscriptions across multiple countries in Europe and Asia and invests the proceeds in the UK property market

  • Profile
    Luxembourg-based asset manager
  • Business
    Equity investments
  • Clients
    Private investors
  • Payees
    Property developers
  • Currencies
    GBP, EUR and USD
  • Average payment
  • Turnover
    $20 mil per annum
  • Global Multicurrency Account to accept payments from around the world
  • Dedicated personal manager
  • No bots or general support emails with long holds
  • Dedicated KYC resource, response time under 20 minutes 
  • FX
  • Multi-Sign
No need to have multiple bank accounts and presence in different countries. Choose an account in the country you wish to trade and we will open a local account for you

Other cases

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