International account

A multi-currency account designed to move large international payments in all major currencies across the world. Same-day settlements to and from the UK, EEA, China, Russia and the Middle East

Import & Export Ltd
and 30+ other
  • IBAN GB 31 MOLU1234567890

  • Global multi-currency account with 35+ major currencies 
  • Available for NON-EU directors and shareholders
  • Personal manager that understands your business
  • No need to travel: online access to your account
  • Convienience for large transfers: send and receive high-value business payments around the world

Who can open an account?

A 3S Money Global Account is good for international traders, holding companies and family offices that receive and pay out large amounts of money in foreign currencies to and from different countries worldwide.

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Still not sure? Check out what our clients themselves think about 3S Money:

Use Case: Wholesale trader

A European wholesale trader, who is operating on the European, Asian and other markets with $30 million in annual turnover

  • Profile
    Wholesale trader
  • Product
    Customer electronics
  • Clients
    Receive from clients in UK, Finland, Russia
  • Suppliers
    Pay to suppliers from China, Korea, Canada, Germany
  • Currencies
  • Avg payment
  • Global Multi-currency Account to accept payments from UK, Germany, Russia and send money to suppliers in Asia
  • Dedicated personal manager
  • No bots or general support emails with long holds
  • Dedicated KYC resource, response time under 20 minutes
  • Multi-Sign

Other cases

  • A European wholesale trader, who is operating on the European, Asian and other markets with $30 million in annual turnover
  • A Luxembourg-based asset manager raises private subscriptions across multiple countries in Europe and Asia and invests the proceeds in the UK property market
  • A Chinese online retailer, who sells consumer goods on Amazon to UK and European markets with $1 million in annual turnover
  • A Dutch company with annual turnover $50 million per annum that operates in 3 major markets – Netherlands, Cyprus and Vietnam, – and whose financial activity includes dividends, loans and assets purchase

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